Sunday, August 23, 2009

What about JAlbum hosting?

Our recommendation would be to use software [free download] to make albums of your family photos to display in your KTab. As such you will become aware that since 2007 or so jalbum essentially copied the KTab concept and now provide a hosting service as well as their album software.

BUT THEN THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. The KTab concept is all about privacy within your family/club etc, but the jalbum family is the whole world.

You get 30 mb free [which won't allow you much space for your KTab] but there is a further option of 1 gb for well under $50 pa. This would seem to be big enough for many KTabs [depending on the amount of videos] at "at the right price".

However you need to fully understand the Terms of Usage [which are still "under constriction"]. Firstly, although you paid for the hosting, jalbum are most emphatic that the top level "index file" "belongs to them". To explain for newbies, if you only have one home page per host then the surfer accesses your home via the index.html file you put there, and in this case the one we provide to you for your KTab.

But if, as we, have 350 gb at one host and some 20 sites to post, we simply use subdirectories of the top level [or root] directory [aka folder]. Can you do that at JAlbum? Well they will not answer that, and having asked too many times we got banned from posting to their Forum, so let's try it.

1. a subdirectory at JAlbum with no "protection" [but it works].

2. another subdirectory at JAlbum here surfer needs to insert your secret password [ktab]

3. another subdirectory at JAlbum this one has the ktab inbuilt "security device".

So it seems for now all these work, but be aware the whole world will get to see what you see above. So if you use methods 2. or 3. [or both] only your family will get to see your KTab

Where do I "put" my KTab on Web?

Initially we put it on the web for you, ie we provided hosting. However "things" have changed dramatically since about 2008 with hosting [ie your own space on Web].

For example our ISP [ie the company you use for "surfing" internet/email access] just increased the free web space from 5 mb to 1,000 mb, or 1 gb. Also our external [to our ISP] hosting service [at $10 per month] went from 1 gb to 3,500 gb.

So you might have enough space already via your ISP or you might already have external hosting. And if you don't then there is fierce competition for your custom, albeit most hosting deals seem to be "all or nothing", eg $10 pm for "unlimited" space.

There is also the consideration that if your family is located within say Australia or Europe etc, then [particularly for buffering video] you will probably get better speed using a local host.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What Skills are Needed?

As long as you have mastered sending an email you will find the Blog an even easier way of getting your teeth into the rest of the family. And looking at albums is even easier. As for album creation, the required level of expertise is a little higher but while it is normally "you against the internet [and MicroSoft]" when the common man/woman delves into computers, in this case you have the help of your family, either to advise you how to do certain things or to do them for you.

Most families will have a computer geek and generally it is the youngest person in the family, is less than 7 years old and makes Wolfgang and Albert look like morons. He [generally he] will have scanned these FAQs in a nanosecond and said "I knew that!". On the other hand the geek feels immortal and has little ambition for dork stuff like family albums and in fact traditionally it will be the elders of the clan who will be keen to tell their life story via albums and Blogs, before they go to the big album in the sky. So hopefully your family will have some mix of these extremes and will combine the skills and aspirations into a KTAB to suit YOUR family's needs.

The nice aspect of increasing your computer/internet skills is that the KTAB provides almost limitless possibilities both for Albums and Blog development by putting you straight onto a FastTrack Path, especially by way of the tools we suggest herein.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Only for Families?

The KTab is intended for the family situation depicted below, and intended to be as private as possible [given that the Big Players in computers (no names, no packdrill) do all in their power to abuse your privacy].

But neither is set in concrete as it can be used in an "open" family situation or be used as the website for a Club or similar Group.

The commonality of all applications is that it is ideal for people who want to be able to get superior presentation of media, particularly video, but don't want to waste any time creating a web site from "scratch" [ie even from a WYSIWYG web creation tool]. You simply start at the "business end" of the task, ie your photo albums, videos etc because the mechanism of displaying your media [some 800 files in the base KTab] is all Built In.

KTab - the word

In the good old days in Australia [when snow was snow], and in fact still to be found in many counties, there was an entity called The Family. In Australia in those times The Family lived in The Family Home and traditionally the biggest room in that home was the kitchen, complete with The Kitchen Table. In those old days in Australia [and STILL in civilized counties around the world] everything happened at the kitchen table. It was where the family ate their meals, drank their coffee/tea and just "sat around" and talked of life - and mum could even be part of it [albeit on her feet] as she performed her kitchen duties. And it was where the family passed around their wallets of photos, with screams of delight from all assembled.

The term KTAB refers to that very kitchen table because it is a cyberspace Kitchen Table. The bad news is that well before the new millennium the government in Australia threw the traditional family overboard, replacing the traditional marital concept with tax payer funded "relationships counselling centres" and for those kids and fathers separated by the family court, with "contact centres" [at $50 per hour]. The good news is a KTAB caters for all situations. It seems even intact families living in "modern residences" have had the kitchen replaced by an alcove with a microwave and a jug, so there is scant hope of a kitchen table. Perhaps even these intact families can use a KTAB to communicate bedroom to bedroom from computer to computer.

However that artificial application is not really in the true spirit of the KTAB, which is to allow family members who are geographically separated to emulate the good old kitchen table days [whether or not the member ever sat at a real kitchen table]. And the term geographical separation can refer to a hemisphere or merely 2 adjoining suburbs, eg Kath and Kim having a more "meaningful" relationship than by the phone. Obviously it is ideal for fathers and kids separated by the family courts and one would hope that even someone as non caring as a family court judge would not make an order that a kid and dad are "prohibited from using their KTAB". Finally there is no reason why the KTAB might not be used by overseas [from Australia] families.

KTabs Logistics in a few words

In simple terms the "application" you download is a template system which is installed on your C Drive for your own use by modifying the Home Page, creating your own Blog in the lower part of the page, and over time adding videos, photo albums etc.

You will then Upload the whole Folder [ie Directory] to your own host, and we will explain above about hosting.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome to the World of KTabs

Because our KTabs have a facility for a Google Blog, then we think that one such Blog should serve as the provider of all wisdom about KTabs.

You will also be able ask questions [via comments], and we will try to answer such questions, but the main purpose will remain as a FAQ facility.

So please use the directory on the Right or the Search facility to get an answer to your question.