Sunday, August 23, 2009

What about JAlbum hosting?

Our recommendation would be to use software [free download] to make albums of your family photos to display in your KTab. As such you will become aware that since 2007 or so jalbum essentially copied the KTab concept and now provide a hosting service as well as their album software.

BUT THEN THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. The KTab concept is all about privacy within your family/club etc, but the jalbum family is the whole world.

You get 30 mb free [which won't allow you much space for your KTab] but there is a further option of 1 gb for well under $50 pa. This would seem to be big enough for many KTabs [depending on the amount of videos] at "at the right price".

However you need to fully understand the Terms of Usage [which are still "under constriction"]. Firstly, although you paid for the hosting, jalbum are most emphatic that the top level "index file" "belongs to them". To explain for newbies, if you only have one home page per host then the surfer accesses your home via the index.html file you put there, and in this case the one we provide to you for your KTab.

But if, as we, have 350 gb at one host and some 20 sites to post, we simply use subdirectories of the top level [or root] directory [aka folder]. Can you do that at JAlbum? Well they will not answer that, and having asked too many times we got banned from posting to their Forum, so let's try it.

1. a subdirectory at JAlbum with no "protection" [but it works].

2. another subdirectory at JAlbum here surfer needs to insert your secret password [ktab]

3. another subdirectory at JAlbum this one has the ktab inbuilt "security device".

So it seems for now all these work, but be aware the whole world will get to see what you see above. So if you use methods 2. or 3. [or both] only your family will get to see your KTab

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