Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where do I "put" my KTab on Web?

Initially we put it on the web for you, ie we provided hosting. However "things" have changed dramatically since about 2008 with hosting [ie your own space on Web].

For example our ISP [ie the company you use for "surfing" internet/email access] just increased the free web space from 5 mb to 1,000 mb, or 1 gb. Also our external [to our ISP] hosting service [at $10 per month] went from 1 gb to 3,500 gb.

So you might have enough space already via your ISP or you might already have external hosting. And if you don't then there is fierce competition for your custom, albeit most hosting deals seem to be "all or nothing", eg $10 pm for "unlimited" space.

There is also the consideration that if your family is located within say Australia or Europe etc, then [particularly for buffering video] you will probably get better speed using a local host.

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