Monday, August 17, 2009

What Skills are Needed?

As long as you have mastered sending an email you will find the Blog an even easier way of getting your teeth into the rest of the family. And looking at albums is even easier. As for album creation, the required level of expertise is a little higher but while it is normally "you against the internet [and MicroSoft]" when the common man/woman delves into computers, in this case you have the help of your family, either to advise you how to do certain things or to do them for you.

Most families will have a computer geek and generally it is the youngest person in the family, is less than 7 years old and makes Wolfgang and Albert look like morons. He [generally he] will have scanned these FAQs in a nanosecond and said "I knew that!". On the other hand the geek feels immortal and has little ambition for dork stuff like family albums and in fact traditionally it will be the elders of the clan who will be keen to tell their life story via albums and Blogs, before they go to the big album in the sky. So hopefully your family will have some mix of these extremes and will combine the skills and aspirations into a KTAB to suit YOUR family's needs.

The nice aspect of increasing your computer/internet skills is that the KTAB provides almost limitless possibilities both for Albums and Blog development by putting you straight onto a FastTrack Path, especially by way of the tools we suggest herein.

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